What’s Trending with the Modern Man

Today’s man is a different breed than men of decades past. While they embrace new styles and tastes, they enjoy classic luxuries, and appreciate high quality in everything they own. To help you get to know the modern man a little more, we’ve listed 5 of the biggest cultural trends you’ll find amongst guys today.

1. They care about how they dress. The carefree, jeans and t-shirt-wearing guy of the 90’s and early 2000’s has fallen to the wayside for the modern man who dresses like he means it. In years past, dressing well with casual wear was nothing more than sporting a slim-fitting sweater, jeans, and a flashy pair of trainers. 

Today, men in large cities across the globe are meeting their friends at the bar in trousers and boat shoes, jeans and a blazer, or even corduroy pants and tweed vests, just to name a few examples of men’s newfound sense of style.  To top it off, men aren’t just concerned with how their clothes look, but what their garments are made of. Quality fabrics like imported silk, organic cotton, and merino wool are treasured amongst even those less fashion-savvy men.
2. They’re shaking up their accessories. Mismatched cufflinks, high-quality belts, and techy watches are just a few ways that men are revolutionizing accessories. But while men of the past used accessories for their practicality, today’s man is looking for their accessories to draw compliments and make a statement.
For example, one of the biggest changes in men’s accessories is unique tie patterns. More than ever before, men are looking to the necktie as the statement piece of the outfit, sporting a variety of quirky and fun tie designs to add an extra dimension of finesse to their formal wear.
Tie specialists, like Squiddledee Ties are leading the way in this trend, offering a variety of clever, yet refined tie designs for guys who want more from their ties.
With classy styles such as the competitive “Turtle and Hare” and the personable “Bluebird of Happiness,” Squiddledee Ties are specially made to flow with every unique personality type. And because today’s guy appreciates quality, Squiddledee Ties are made right here in the U.S. with 100% silk.
3. They drink craft beer and fine spirits. Today’s guy doesn’t care for fizzy domestics and cheap well liquors. Instead, guys are all about drinking fresh craft beer made with quality ingredients. And while some say that guys ought not to drink fine spirits before they’re 50, today’s young professional is sophisticated enough to enjoy bourbon, scotch, gin, and other excellent liquors. 

4. They’re all about vinyl records. Guys today know that even the best pop music today is absolutely inferior to the music of decades past.  With that appreciation for classic rock, jazz, and old school R&B, men prefer to enjoy their favorite vintage hits with the rich, warm tones that you only get from a record and a turntable. 

5. They dig the wet shave. Shaving was once a tedious task, but men today appreciate the timeless art of the wet shave, shaving the way their grandfathers did with a safety razor and a mug full of lather. And instead of rushing through the shave just to get it done, men enjoy the experience of classic grooming, giving themselves plenty of time to achieve a close shave and super smooth skin.

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